SHRM People Manager Qualification (PMQ)

Why the SHRM PMQ Works

The SHRM PMQ is a self-paced, virtual learning experience that uniquely combines interactivity, gamification and edutainment to engage learners and build solid people management and team leadership skills.

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The Need is Real

Source: SHRM’s 2019 Culture Report


lost by U.S. organizations in the past five years due to employee turnover


of employees say their manager fails to frequently have honest conversations about work topics

1 in 3

workers say their manager can’t lead a team


of HR professionals’ time is spent addressing problems caused by poor People Managers

Why the SHRM PMQ is Right for You

How often does this happen within your organization?

Employees with exceptional skills in their technical specialty are rewarded with promotion to management. It soon becomes apparent that while they certainly know their specialty, they have no training in managing and motivating a team. “People problems” arise, productivity and morale decline.

Turn things around with the SHRM PMQ.

It’s designed to build People Managers’ skills in the four key areas HR executives say matter most to enterprise success and workplace culture*:

  • Effective Communication
  • Performance Management
  • Team Leadership
  • Situational Judgment

*Source: SHRM poll of HR executives, 2019.

The SHRM PMQ training improves managers’ workplace readiness to lead teams. That’s a plus not only for the whole team, but for your entire organization and bottom line. Speak to a SHRM PMQ Specialist today.

Gain the skills employers want most in a manager.

With the SHRM PMQ’s outstanding content and active learning format, you can sharpen your skills in communication, team leadership, performance management and situational judgment—the skills most in demand now. You’ll learn how to:

  • Build and lead a team
  • Motivate and engage employees
  • Set and track to goals
  • Increase your and your team’s productivity
  • Enable a more positive, inclusive and unified workplace culture

Throughout this highly interactive training, you’ll not only learn, but can try out your new skills, helping you to become workplace-ready to lead and succeed.

The Workplace is changing. Are you workplace-ready?

The SHRM PMQ isn’t theoretical or abstract. It’s set in today’s workplace and features real-life scenarios and situations. You’ll learn how to anticipate and handle many of the “people issues” and organizational challenges managers encounter now and will soon be facing.

Whatever’s next, be ready. Earn your SHRM PMQ badge now.

A sure sign you are a workplace-ready People Manager, the SHRM PMQ badge is awarded to those who complete the SHRM PMQ training and pass the comprehensive final assessment. It’s proof that you have current knowledge and skills in:

  • Effective Communication
  • Performance Management
  • Team Leadership
  • Situational Judgment

Since the badge is awarded by SHRM, it means you have met a higher standard, acquiring the core competencies needed for future management growth and development. Enabling a more positive, inclusive, and unified workplace culture that increases productivity.

The SHRM People Manager Qualified Badge

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The SHRM PMQ will help you
learn how to:

  • Communicate effectively and transparently
  • Lead teams and build trust
  • Motivate and engage employees
  • Set and track to organizational goals
  • Enable a more positive, inclusive and unified workplace culture

Experience the positive difference this unique training can make.

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